So I'm leaving the Sims community.

I'm just bored of it, really. I don't play the game anymore. I don't read any legacies.

I'll leave my blog as it is, just don't expect me to update it anymore.

I'll still play the game - but for fun. I won't be sharing any pictures or anything.

So, yeah. Goodbye everyone! If you want to find me - I have a Tumblr.


Om non wine

I'm next up in the Chempound Round Robin!

Regular updates again - hurrah!

So I've installed TS2 again but I completely lost my disk with all my downloads on it. Which is probably a good thing because I had so much crap in there. I'm going to go Maxis match this time so I can have less downloads. I think I had about 7GB last time and that's just stupid.


So it has snowed rather a lot.

I don't have school all week and so I played a bit more of Late Night today! It's late now so I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks you all to replying to my last post, too. I'll go through and reply to them all later.

Toodles ~
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