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Good Genes III: Revenge of the Genetically Challenged

I decided to have a go at GOS's Good Genes Challenge.

All I can say is, holy crap it was fun!

Here is Sy Snoodles. This is what we have to work with. Seriously.

I decided to breed her with Cyd, because he is a fucking gorgeous piece of man.






(His name is Pran btw).

And his slightly less (?) terrifying twin brother, Wolf.

At least he has eyes! You can tell when he is watching you!

It... doesn't get any better.

Wolf. Whose face is just a mess.

Pran. Thats right, he didn't have any eyes under all that hair!

Because you can have 3 babies per generation, here is Bláthnat. Who isn't even really an improvement tbh.


So, I seeing as Wolf was the lesser of three evils, he gets to breed with Hermia Capp.

Although no sex will be involved, sorry Wolf. Go Tombstone of Life and Death!


Don't drop her Hermia!! We don't want to mess up her face any more than necessary!

Oh dear Lord. Most people seemed to have gotten rid of the nasty by now. WHY NOT ME?!

This is Euthalia btw.

Her eyebrows...her mouth...

Infact her whole face looks like its been pushed upwards.

Unlike Uncle Pran, Euthalia does have eyes! They're just freakin' tiny.

Baby number 2, Nit! I HAVE HOPE!!

Although she has some kind of fleshy-vampire-fang-jowls going on, hopefully she'll grow out of it.

YESSS. No more jowls!

Apart from the nose, Nit is quite pretty. Prime contender for Gen 3 heir!

Had another one, just to see if I could get any more pretty.


This is Barra, the scariest pirate ever.

Complete opposite of Bláthnat, all his features are squished in!

Nit gets bred with Bottom Summerdream (who is adorable! Note to self - extract and put in legacy hood).

C'mon! Think un-fugly thoughts!



No crazy features. YAY!

Yeah, I'm not going to get any cutsie shots.

Parvana, who looks very severe.

Sammy grew up quite fugly! What happened, Sammy?!

His nose :(

Last baby, Isaac.

Where the hell is that nose coming from?!

He would have been pretty i f it wasn't for the nose :(

So, Parvana is my entry! Although I don't think that she is as pretty as some of the other entries, I did try XD


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