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God, I hate this community now...

Okay maybe that was a bit much, haha. I do like it a bit but it's become rather boring. There are of course still some wonderful people here but it's not like it was 6 months ago. Guess I'm just reminiscing ~
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Can I just take a moment to post this?

I ordered Late Night, by the way yesterday . Thank you everyone for answering my earlier question - I was really tempted to go for Ambitions because it was cheaper but I do think that overall I'll end up buying Late Night anyway and I think I'll enjoy it more.

Expect a lot of picspam when it comes!!
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Om non wine

I'm sorry for not updating much

My interest in The Sims 2 is pretty much nil at the moment.

I still have a few Birch Farm updates, though.

I've played TS3 a bit. So I'll picspam some of it later.

So...yeah. I'm still here. Just not simming as much. If you want you can follow my tumblr: