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Ferret's Sim Journal

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The Ferrets behind the Name


Nickname: Phoebe-Bobeanie

Likes:Sleeping, licking my fingers/ears, sleeping on my lap, chicken liver

Dislikes: Being woken up, being sneaked up on by Jasper

Birthday: May 4th 2007


Nickname: Jasper-James, Blondie

Likes:Jumping, playing, rolling, fighting my feet, stealing, spinning, tearing down the posters from my walls to try and eat the blu-tack

Dislikes: Being told off, sitting still so I can cut his nails

Birthday: June 2008

My ferrets live outside in a large hutch and run and they come out to play with me every day. They're fed on a diet of raw chicken and offal. I bought Phoebe from a breeder for £5 and Jasper from a different breeder a year later for £10. Phoebe has been spayed and Jasper will be neutered in 2009. No, they don't bite!

Stylesheet by refuted